Ahead of the UK Softwood Conference 2020, we’ve made the TTF Annual Statistics Review 2019, which showcases the 2018 industry figures, available as an online download.

You may remember these statistics from the presentation by Nick Moore, of Timber Trends, at the last UK Softwood Conference.Now with added commentary around the statistics this review provides an in depth retrospective, and builds anticipation, as we look forward to the presentation of the 2019 statistics by Nick at the UK Softwood Conference 2020.The report found that the overall consumption of timber and panel products by volume in the UK fell by 1.1% in 2018 to a level of 17.20 million m3, down from the 2017 total of 17.40 million m3.Part of this fall in consumption of timber and panel products in the UK was due to the decrease in volume lost from Europe. Europe in 2018 accounted for around 54% of all timber and panel consumption in 2018, a 1.3% decline in volume from 2017. However, the decline was partly offset by the increase in volume that originated in Asia, Central and South America.Despite the decline, the timber industry has managed to generate greater value for its products from 2009 at current prices, and the value of timber and panel consumption reached a new high at over £4.1 billion in 2018. Across the whole range of products featured in this review, average price per cubic metre in 2018 was £241, up from £226 in 2017, in round terms.At this year’s conference, Nick will discuss the timber trade flows to the UK, including the previous year’s stats for 2019, trends and data analysis of softwood productivity, including volume output and softwood forecasts for the year ahead.Understanding where we have come from helps inform how we move forward following a period of political and business uncertainty in the UK. Make sure to join other leaders from across the industry on 4 March 2020 at 8 Northumberland Avenue for fantastic speakers and networking opportunities.



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